Child Support

Child Support is a periodic and ongoing payment that one parent has to make to support the child’s health education and wellbeing. This is a financial benefit for not only the children but also the parent or the caregiver responsible for the child. If you are seeking legal advice or legal counsel to help you get child support, then you are on the right platform! We have over 17 years of combined experience in helping people take care of all aspects of family law matters including child and contribution to section 7 special and extraordinary expenses. Child Support is the right of the child and our lawyers endeavour to ensure our clients are receiving the appropriate amount of support for their children.

What is a Child Support Agreement?

If parents are separating or divorcing, it is important to ensure that their children’s future is not hampered and that the children are well taken care of. Therefore, a child support agreement is signed that includes the proper arrangement for the child’s entire life expenses on health, education, and other aspects. This can be in writing or a mutual verbal agreement. However, it is best to include child support provisions in the written form and mention it in a court order or separation agreement.

The Department of Justice has provided the public with an easy and useful online child support calculator their child support obligation under the Child Support Guidelines.

How Evergreen Law Group can Help?

Legal matters must be handled with care to ensure that parents and children get the desired results. At Evergreen Law Group, our lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of family law and are ready and available to help you with your decision-making responsibility, parenting and support matters.

We understand how important it is to have the best future for your child. We are passionate and dedicated to ensuring that your child gets the support they need, as child support is ultimately the right of the child. Reach out to us for any queries you have concerning decision-making responsibility, parenting or support matters.

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